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The Enterprise 2.0 Conference: Web 2.0 Continues Its Move To The Workplace«HEemail posted Tuesday, 19 June 2007 It's the second day of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference here at the Boston waterfront. Yesterday was the workshop day for the event as well as the much-ballyhooed showdown between Andrew McAfee and Tom Davenport, the original point of disagreement around the real impact of Enterprise 2.0 which I've covered before . Today the main conference sessions begin and a quick look at the show program tells you that an all-star cast of Enterprise 2.0 folks has been assembled here.

Differences in 2.0's Continued

We got such good feedback from the post last week I decided to expand upon it a bit.

Differences in 2.0's ContinuedWow, we received fantastic feedback the last post Differences in 2.0's. In particular, we received emails asking for more clarification about the difference of Enterprise Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. I created a pic that I hope will help in addition to an attempt to relate Enterprise 2.0 to Ford Motor (A stretch I know but why not try)........... Click link for the whole post.

Differences of 2.0's

I wrote a post on my company's blog about ... "A lot of people ask me about the definition and or differences between Web 2.0, Enterprise Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.So here are some of my thoughts simplified for a blog post." You can read the whole post at JackBe Blogs.
I wanted to post a video from one of JackBe's most tech savvy Reps Mark Milligan. Mark has been recording vids on subjects such as Ajax, Enterprise Web 2.0, Portals, ect. All are on YouTube and I would reccommend taking a look. Here's one: