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Social Media Strategy

I've been working for the past month with Visible Technologies, a company pioneering the path for companies to monitor, analyze and engage in the consumer generated media. I've also found that there are few straight forward explanations about the steps necessary to reach the last engagement phase and to do so in a manner that ensures success, eg proper preparation, strategy and the tools required to execute.

So I wanted to see if I could draw upon a real life analogy. I call it the "Cocktail Party Conversation". Enjoy

Analogy: Take for instance a cocktail party and group of people having a conversation you wish to enter without making a fool of yourself. When approaching the group, the likely and most appropriate first action, would be to Listen. Gain context on what is being said, who is saying what, and their respective opinions on said topic. This is the necessary first step that begins to build a relationship foundation but has borders and characteristics unto it…

Latest Seattle 2.0 Startup Ratings

Almost broke the 100 mark for applicant tracking and resume management system company Catch the Best. Maybe next month.

Applicant Tracking System Integrates Posting to

Applicant Tracking System Catch the Best integrates posting to