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Thursday, December 14, 2006

DC Metro Police

This happened to one of my best friends who just so happens to be of Pakistany origen. By the way he actually was born and grew up in OHIO. Way to go Metro and DC Police.

"Last week I entered the metro with my wife. As usual, we were in haste and wanted to just board the train by making our way through the crowded gates.
I have a Smart-card and replenish it once every 2 weeks.
As i walked through the gate, i had -$0.30 on my card. If anyone has a Smartcard, they know that the card lets you be negative to a certain amount, but when you refill the card you have to make up the difference. That is a benefit of the Smart Card.
But Officer BF Johnson didn't think so. He stopped me in my tracks, ordered me to approach him. He then ordered me to hand over my license and called the station to check for any suspicious (Obviously terror-related) activity from my end. He was telling me "you are riding on a negative balance, you are stealing from the metro". Yeah, lets call this in...this is a serious "crime" and we need to check what this rider's past crimes are. Officer BF Johnson was surprised when a blond Ukrainian lady followed me, while telling her "ill be with you in a second ma'am". Well, she defended me and he must have been horrified to see a Pakistani married to a Ukraine? This isnt supposed to happen! I was never taught to react in this situation!!!! Well, obviously he has no clue how the Smart Card works but, he still kept me there for almost 10 minutes while he verified with all significant sources that this crafty/sneaky metro rider is clean to the bone. He handed me a a nice warning while reading from it "i have the right to detain you". This shameful rider will never cheat my way through anything in life...not with the BF Johnson's defending the illustrious Metro institutes's best interests."

Location: Tenleytown Metro, Washington DC


avocadoinparadise said...

What an idiot! I would be so angry if a metro employee detained me for not knowing how their stupid system works.

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