Why Rich Internet Applications

Internet usage has grown, and as web sites evolve and functionality becomes more complex, the limitations of the old static Web are apparent to businesses and to their customers. AJAX and Rich-Internet-Applications (RIA) are now changing this outdated paradigm. To decipher what all of the Web 2.0 hype means to the business executives searching for practical line of business solutions, one must first understand in clear business terms what AJAX and RIA are all about.

Ajax is a method of providing truly dynamic content on a Web page without a page refresh and encompasses many different technologies which enable a new bread of web applications. The market for AJAX development solutions has changed rapidly. The term “AJAX” was first coined only 12 months ago, and through early to mid 2005 there was very little market awareness. Now, however, these technologies are recognized as providing sites that look and feel like standard desktop applications by having rich interactive content. You may have seen or used some of the early adaptors of AJAX which include Google Maps, Flickr or Gmail. Aside from the development benefits, AJAX is also about:

  1. Usability (Increased online revenue through reduced website abandonment and higher sales conversion rates)

2. Ability to get things done faster (Better performance due to reduced server load and optimized information requests)

  1. User experience (Competitive differentiation (today), and competitive necessity (within 12-18 months) due to rising user expectations


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