Presto REA Platform

We’re very excited at JackBe to be announcing Presto, our Rich Enterprise Application (REA) Platform. Presto helps organizations optimize business activity, leveraging existing SOA investments and facilitating the development of rich, interactive Ajax-based applications.

I blogged recently about some different architectural approaches to combining SOA and Ajax and pointed out that a server-side proxy approach is key to supporting many of the the non-functional requirements so common in today’s Enterprise service infrastructure. Additionally, this approach allows for optimization over the wire between the browser and server (as opposed to focusing on SOAP from the browser) and supporting strong governance of the service infrastructure on the back end.

Presto is focused on just this sort of approach, supporting the creation of highly interactive and responsive applications, built on a governed service infrastructure and reliable and scalable web connectivity: Rich Enterprise Applications.

We hope to not only help people create better applications but to help people build the right applications. What is the right application? It’s what’s needed to get the job done. In what has been referred to as the Long Tail of Enterprise Software there is an unmet demand for many small IT systems that could enable tacit interactions within a business.

To help address this issue, Presto enables the creation of ad-hoc, situational applications, supporting the development of service and process-based mashup applications, while maintaining strong support for service governance, security, scalability, and reliability.

We believe this will help bring together SOA and Ajax in ways that will help organizations maximize the value of their existing technology investments. Lots more to come on this front in the near future and please let us know if you would like to learn more.


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