3 New Google Web 2.0 Releases Tomorrow

New additions for google in the web 2.0 space. A offline browser plug-in aimed at making web apps work both on and offline – Similar to Adobe Apollo. Mashup Editor which is like Yahoo Pipes but more scriptic. Also a new version of GWT which has no new functionality, but they did make a lot of changes to get the source code and build scripts into presentable shape to prepare for ongoing open source development.


Tomorrow, Google will be hosting a developer day for 5,000 developers worldwide. The bulk of developers will be gathering at the San Jose convention center for a keynote by Google’s VP of Engineering, Jeff Huber. At the conference Google will be outlinging their their developer strategy. But the big announcement will be Google Gears, an open source browser plugin that will enable developers to create offline web applications using JavaScript APIs. As a developer, you’ll be able to make an application with the assurance that it will work offline and online across browsers.

The plugin is a 700K download for Firefox 1.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+ that installs three developer APIs. One API will handle the creation of data objects to store application information locally, another will be a SQLite relational database for searching the data, and the final part will enable asynchronous JavaScript so applications can sync data in the background without overburdening the browser. More info on the APIs are available at the gears website.

Other launches at Developer Day include a new mashup editor that competes with Microsoft PopFly and Yahoo Pipes. Google’s attempt is a little less visual than the others, but the intention is the same. Last but not least, there’s a new version of Google Web Toolkit. For devs, Christmas came way early this year.

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