AJAX is not a fad

I really can't believe that anyone who understood the technology or the Web 2.0 movement would consider it a 'fad' but there are always sceptics I guess.


AJAX is not a fad," according to Andy Lyttle. "People aren't using AJAX just because it's AJAX. It's not for buzzword-compliance, although it has become a buzzword. It's not for adding useless frills, although it can be used for useless frills. AJAX is a tool to enable web developers to build sites that are actually better for the user, in a very real way. Better functionality, better usability, overall a better user experience. Things that simply weren't possible to do before."

Lyttle is just one of the many software development professionals who AJAXWorld Magazine has been talking to about AJAX. What follows is a round-up of comments and observations about the fastest-growing technology trends since the advent of Java 12 years ago.

"As I see it there are three reasons for AJAX's success:
  1. It enables a paradigm shift from developing forms based webapps to component GUI webapps.
  2. Developing webapps this way is more efficient and less error prone
  3. Both of the above reasons drive many companies to adopt AJAX into their software and change their business model, to SaaS, for example."

Dietrich Kappe
Co-founder and CTO of Pathfinder Associates


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