AOL: Early Dojo Supporter

AOL has expanded its support for the Dojo Foundation, an open source project that lets developers build Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) applications.

The ISP has donated a JavaScript Compiler tool to the project which analyzes applications, deletes unused code and provides metrics on call patterns.

AOL has also started to provide hosting services for the Dojo Foundation, and recommitted to contributing to the tool's development and submitting bug fixes.

"We are pleased to be furthering AOL's support of open source initiatives through our contributions to the Dojo JavaScript toolkit, especially as we have benefited so much from our own increasing adoption of key open source platforms and standards," said Sree Kotay, senior vice president for AOL Technology.

AOL is one of the early supporters of the Dojo Foundation and is using the technology for its AIMPages project that is currently in beta.

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