New New Internet

I Just got back from the New New Internet show which I also attended last year. Compared to last year, the emphasis was more on implementing web 2.0 in enterprise and other line of business constructs. Something I and the rest of the JackBe team was preaching - and JackBe still is as the leading the Enterprise Mashup thought leadership arena. I saw the demo of their Wires visual mashup composer which was still in alpha when I was there and it is slick is all I can say.

I hope to post more on a new subject - Map Based Marketing & Location Based Services - as I definitely feel location-based services will be the next area web 2.0 will penetrate. This leading into another buzzy trend - Mobile 2.0 - which really can be broken down into "Everything you need in the palm of your hand."

This is a short post but now that I'm part of Map Network, a NAVTEQ company it is an area I will be focusing more on.


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