Interviewing Differences

I've noticed that I need to adjust my interviewing techniques to Seattle. I've been used to a more traditional interview format where a hard-nose, high-energy attitude or composure was looked on as a positive trait. Getting to know 'who you are' and whether the cultural fit is right comes later. First and foremost your ability to do the job and ability to articulate that comes first. Needless to say, I've found that to be more successful here in Seattle, I have to tone down dramatically as to not 'frighten' whoever is sitting across from me. The good part is, the result is not a fictional character but really who I am on a daily basis in and out of the work environment.

Dress: No tie, maybe a suit but a nice button-down shirt and pants are usually fine
Conversation: Relaxed, more about getting to know one another and assessing a cultural fit.

Dress: Suit, Tie
Conversation: High energy, down to business, sell yourself.

This type of information would have been useful before the fact but I found that there wasn't a good resource to compare specifics like this between two entities. I did met the founders of a company who's vision is to change this though. Diffen is a wiki powered collection of comparisons that people all over the world help write and maintain. The underlying data is user-generated to please feel free to add your own comparisons and build a much needed information source.


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