Applicant Tracking Tool for Hiring Managers

Problem: You're a hiring manager, not a professional recruiter, who needs hire the best candidate quickly while still doing your day job. Quickly, your email inbox fills with resumes, you forward them on to other decision team members for feedback. Some respond quickly, others more slowly. Meanwhile, you are trying to keep track of peoples thoughts on each candidate while still more resumes and follow-ups are filling your inbox. All you need is a thumbs up or thumbs down from your team on each candidate and some rational as to why. Now, some additional supporting documents have arrived from a number of candidates so you forward them on as well. These docs change some team member's opinions but you're beginning to lose track of who said what and about who, after all, this is not your day job but hiring the right person is critical to your teams future.

It was this problem the founder of CatchTheBest had as a development team lead trying to hire the best candidates for his team. Obviously not his primary responsibility but a critical component none the less. His solution was to develop an easy, one-stop web application where he and his team could share candidate information, documents, and feedback efficiently without filing up their inboxes. Essentially a lightweight, on demand applicant tracking system. They needed to go about their day jobs but feel confident they were communicating effectively about hiring the right person.

The value is time, the savings are immeasurable once you've found the right person. The lesson is don't let them slip through the cracks because of collaboration difficulties because now you don't need to. CatchTheBest has four subscription plans with a Free subscription as one of them so why not try it if you can relate.


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