AJAX and the RIAs that utilize it will improve usability, productivity, and functionality of both current and new Web-based applications. RIAs bring new ways of interacting with the Web that were previously only available with desktop applications. The resulting web user experiences are richer because the application feels more like a desktop application with regards to responsiveness, interactivity, intuitiveness, and overall usability. These new types of experiences can lead to improved business results because they better satisfy what users are accustomed to, and now have the capabilities to satisfy business operations need. Because no software is installed on the client machines, implementers enjoy dramatically lower costs for application deployment and maintenance while achieving competitive differentiation, increased online revenue and sales conversions, higher customer satisfaction/retention, reduced customer support costs, better performance, and lower costs of IT infrastructure. Imagine taking an installable software program and converting it entirely to a purely web-based service accessible by anyone anywhere with an Internet connection and a web browser. This is RIA and AJAX is one component neccessary to be successfull.


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