AJAX and SOA Combination

I've written a lot lately about the big picture Web 2.0 and the freeing up of the content within businesses through SOA. Now AJAX is a technology that has helped energized the interest from a technology standpoint within the last year for it is the consuming side of the services that are freed up through SOA from the silos and shouldn't be pushed aside with all the Web 2.0 hype. Dan Malks (Photo of Dan Malks. You think he always wears a nametag or is it a reference to "tagging?") of JackBe, is a former Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems where he was a leader in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) gives one of the best explainations of CLient/SOA and Server-side proxy. Definately worth a read.

What I see? What is my take? Everybody on the server side is focused on freeing up the functionality out of these monolithic applications so you can get business grain services. They can now be consumed by light-weight client models thanks to AJAX. This is why the integration layer I have talked about will be driven by those who are experienced with the client side models. The back-end can do their part, expose the services which they have or are doing so, but they aren't going to be able to create what is truly needed for the consumption because this is not there expertise. The services are moving out farther, the power of the apps as well, to the client so it only makes sense that the driver of this integration will be through the client tier experts and more specifically, those skilled in AJAX. AJAX, SOA, RIA, Web 2.0, Web2.0, Enterprise 2.0


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