JackBe's John Crupi Urges Discipline with AJAX in the Enteprise

By: AJAXWorld News Desk
May. 31, 2006 07:30 AM

JackBe CTO John Crupi will be presenting a session on Enterprise Ajax, entitled "Focusing on the A(rchitecture) in Ajax," at the Real-World Ajax Seminar in New York June 5-6.

Crupi has extensive J2EE experience, which brings a historical perspective to the current Ajax boom. During an exclusive podcast interview with SYS-CON (the file for which is attached), Crupi said that his presentation will focus on the deeper aspects of Ajax development, moving beyond just widgets for widgets sake. The Ajax bandwagon is clearly full, Crupi acknowledges, and he wants to be sure that enterprise IT developers who are considering Ajax, or who are already working with it, take a disciplined approach that brings out its true benefits to the organization.

Crupi also mentioned JackBe's presence in the Open Ajax Alliance, drew parallels to the current growth in Ajax with a previous mania for J2EE, and said that Alliance members hope to keep Ajax hanging together in a better way than the "multi-standard" approach that devolved from J2EE.


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