JackBe Lands $5 Million, Names Wayne Jackson as Chairman

My old alder mater has raised $5 Million is a tough market to say the least only proving to me the strength of JackBe's Enterprise Mashup Solution is recognized as the market leader in that space. I was with JackBe from early on when it was known for its leading Ajax toolkit and widget library and watched the transformation by the leading hands of three former principle Sun Microsystems engineers (John Crupi, Deepak Alur, and Danny Malks), into the worlds first Enterprise Mashup Platform. All this was happening the same time Oreily coined the term Web 2.0 and the world barely knew what a 'Mashup' was other than now folks could see ballons overlayed on Google Maps. How far we've come and I know that JackBe is still on the leading edge of this movement pushing these solutions into acceptance as a means to build situational applications that optimize business processes.

It was an experience watching all this unfold and I see the same thing happening at my current company DocuSign. As JackBe had market leading technology it didn't stop there and extended it providing more value. At DocuSign we're doing the same thing. Taking the leading Electronic Signature solution and by layering greater functionality around, have developed what we see as the market's first Electronic Contract Execution system. Able to wrap contract in security, workflow, and transaction execution capabilities, and provide a situational transaction network between existing systems such as CRM or CMS and the parties outside of the system needing to execute the transaction.

It will be an exciting year but the JackBe news rienforces to me that great solutions will thrive even in the most challanging of markets.


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