JackBe Speeds Intelligence Sharing for U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

Monday August 21, 9:00 am ET

Ajax Solution Drives Efficiencies in Production and Delivery of Intelligence Briefings

JackBe and DIA to Demonstrate New Intelligence Accelerator at Intelink Conference

CHEVY CHASE, Md. & DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 21, 2006--JackBe, the leading provider of enterprise solutions that integrate SOA and Ajax to deliver the next generation of rich Internet applications, today announced Phase I delivery of a Web-based intelligence briefing solution for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Powered by JackBe's NQ Suite Ajax software platform, the application will be showcased at the DNI's "Information Sharing Conference & Technology Exposition, Intelink and Beyond: Dare to Share" at Table #906.

The initial implementation, called "Overwatch," consists of a personalizable, desktop-like intelligence asset dashboard or 'webtop' developed using JackBe's NQ Suite Ajax development platform, and a middle tier that discovers and displays intelligence data sources without any additional front-end or back-end development required. The entire solution is accessible through a standard Web browser, with no proprietary downloads or plug-ins required.

"JackBe's selection by the DIA was based on our ability to deliver a complete solution that included licenses for our Ajax framework, training, and expert consulting services, and we're proud that the combined team met the aggressive schedule for Overwatch," said Luis Derechin, CEO and co-founder of JackBe. "JackBe's new Webtop Framework can now provide a jump-start for other government agencies or commercial organizations that want to deliver similar applications with desktop-like interactivity and flexibility, but without the ongoing support overhead of traditional desktop software."

The speed and effectiveness of preparing and delivering intelligence briefings within intelligence agencies is an important element in identifying opportunities and vulnerabilities for decision-makers. Overwatch brings a new dimension of timeliness and interactivity to this important mission and is the first example of the rapid development and interactive user experience capabilities that the JackBe Webtop Framework can provide to the DIA and other organizations.

"The use of Ajax for such a complex and critical application within the DIA demonstrates how a progressive government organization is really pushing this technology to new heights," said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst and founder of ZapThink. "This customer implementation is a big win for JackBe and a strong endorsement of Ajax in general. It proves the enterprise-grade capabilities of both JackBe's tools and consulting capabilities as the company works to deliver similar rich, interactive front-ends to the data assets of other intelligence agencies."

Additional enhancements to Overwatch now being considered include incorporation of more SOA-based back-end data sources and expanded end user functionality such as mapping/geospatial capabilities.

About the JackBe Webtop Framework

Created with JackBe's NQ Suite Ajax technology, the JackBe Webtop Framework (JWF) is designed to strengthen analytical expertise across the intelligence community workforce, as well as other government agencies and commercial organizations. It uses open standards such as J2EE, JavaScript, CSS, Document Object Model, and XML for easier development and ongoing maintenance that leverages existing software development skills.

About JackBe Corporation

JackBe provides products and services that leverage Ajax and SOA to deliver real business benefits, including competitive differentiation, increased online revenue and sales conversions, higher customer satisfaction and retention, lower support costs, and re-use of data assets. JackBe enables businesses to increase revenue and profits by improving the usability of their Web applications while leveraging their investments in SOA architectures.

Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, JackBe's satisfied clients already include more than 30 industry leaders worldwide supporting more than 4 million end users. Customers include Forbes, Citigroup, McKesson, Tupperware, Sears, Banamex, and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. The company's deployments and deep expertise span the financial services, government, e-commerce and telecommunications sectors.


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